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REF 39106 - Socquettes Chaussettes Bambou Homme Sans Couture Unies Blanc Bleu Marine Noir (3 paires)

Plain Sustainable Ankle Socks in Bamboo (3 pairs)

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☑️Ankle socks made from bamboo fiber, sustainable & environmentally friendly resource

☑️ Non-irritating, perfect for protecting sensitive skins

☑️ Soft, light and seamless spikes for more comfort

☑️ Natural anti-bacterial & antiperspirant

☑️ Hypoallergenic

Bamboo acts as a thermoregulator, our bamboo ankle socks keep feet cool at high temperatures and warm them up when it's cold.

Bamboo is 100% biodegradable & the fastest growing plant in the world. It thrives naturally without fertilizers or pesticides and with very little water. It also creates oxygen and reduces carbon dioxide and helps fight the greenhouse effect.

Collection : Sustainable Collection, assortment of 3 pairs

Colors : white, dark blue, black

Ref. 39106

Material and care

80% bamboo 11% polyamide 9% elastane

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