Our Materials

As an eco-friendly and ethical brand, we pay particular attention to the quality of the raw materials and the suppliers we select.

Because we are keen to provide you with materials that are more respectful for you and our planet, we offer you sustainable socks made from healthy and ecological raw materials certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX. Each yarn and dyeing used to make our socks has been tested for harmful substances and declared non-toxic to human health and the environment. We use certified materials of class 1 therefore approved for the skin of babies, the most reassuring that it exists.


Bamboo is a sustainable, biodegradable and environmentally friendly resource. The fastest growing plant in the world (it grows three times a year), thrives naturally without fertilizers or pesticides and with very little water.

Bamboo fiber is a natural and ecological non-irritating fiber, ideal for protecting sensitive skin. It is a natural and hypoallergenic anti-bacterial which has the advantage of completely absorbing humidity and neutralizing odors. Bamboo socks keep your feet cool at high temperatures while warming you up when it's cold.

At Kolibri Socks we offer ankle and bamboo socks with seamless spikes for more comfort. They are thinner, softer to the touch and lighter than cotton socks. They adjust perfectly to the foot and are ideal for protecting sensitive skin.



Modal is an ecological and biodegradable fiber which comes from the organic substance of beech wood. The cultivation of beech requires much less water than that of cotton. The modal production process is environmentally friendly thanks to the saving of water and energy and the recovery of resources used during the production of fibers.

The modal fiber is twice as fine as than that of cotton, which gives it twice the absorbency, keeps it dry to the touch and not to lose its shape. Modal neutralizes odors, it is a natural antiperspirant, naturally breathable for total and anti-microbial comfort.

At Kolibri Socks we offer socks made from modal. This extremely fine and light fiber gives a feeling of softness like silk, produces a shiny effect and has great elasticity and resistance. Our modal socks adjust perfectly to the foot and have seamless points for more comfort. They remain flexible and soft even after several washes. In addition, they do not shrink. 

 illustration arbre de type hêtre - source : © smileus/123RF


Cotton is a natural silky vegetable material that has exceptional features. It is the most popular and most used natural fiber in the world for making clothes.

The longer the cotton fibers, the more durable the garment. Cotton has great absorbency and neutralizes odors, it is a natural antiperspirant. It is a soft and comfortable material, naturally breathable and hypoallergenic.

At Kolibri Socks we do not use standard cotton, our socks and tights are made from combed cotton. It is a high quality cotton which is more silky to the touch, more stable in washing and more solid in use. This cotton has long fibers that tangle better. Our socks are therefore much shinier, softer, easier to wash and more resistant.

illustration champ de coton


What is the OEKO-TEX label ?

This label is an ecological label guaranteeing you the absence of chemicals, heavy metals, toxic dyes or substances harmful to the skin, health and the environment. For example are prohibited : azo dyes, formaldehyde, cadmium, nickel or pentachlorophenol.

Regarding environmental factors, this label also minimizes ecological on the manufacturing process in terms of control and use of chemicals. It therefore guarantees you a healthy composition of materials!

The OEKO-TEX certification has been valid worldwide since 1992. The Standard 100 is one of the certifications of OEKO-TEX, it applies to all raw, semi-finished and finished textile products such as fabrics, at all stages of treatment and for all materials.