Shipping Information for Taïwan

General information

All Kolibri Socks orders are shipped out from our French warehouse to your country.  

Shipping :

- Home delivery in 6 to 12 business days with tracking from € 13.90 (depending on weight)

The estimated delivery window provided by Kolibri Socks reflects the most standard delivery. However, some orders may occasionally be subject to longer transit time caused by air freight delay, customs hold, or any other unforeseen complications outside of Kolibri Socks's control.

Customs information

Additional charges relating to customs clearance are the responsibility of the recipient; we have no control over these charges and cannot predict their amount. Customs regulations vary from country to country. Contact your local customs office in Taïwan for more information.

Orders over NT$ 2 000 may be subject to import tax and customs duties.

Placing multiple orders within a short period of time can cause customs clearance and order release delays.

For more information about customs, import duties, etc., visit :

Customs Administration

Taiwan Customs may require you to submit additional documentation for the custom clearance, including without limitation: Copy of Identification Card and Power of Attorney. Failure to provide required documentation may result in customs clearance delay or rejection.

According to the recent policy of the Taiwan Customs Administration, it is mandatory for consignee to go through real-name authentication. Otherwise, shipment will be held in Customs.  Read more

Please use the official EZWAY APP provided by the Customs Department for real-name authentication. If your package needs to submit additional information such as a photocopy of your ID card or customs declaration letter, the APP will notify you immediately and you can provide it directly on the APP.

When you place an order with iHerb, all information (including any characters and spaces) of the consignee, such as Name in Chinese, Personal Identification Number, and mobile phone number (ie 0912-XXX-XXX) must match with what you filled in Real-name Authentication registration via the EZWAY APP.

APP download link

APP operation manual

1. Real-name certification- page 10 ~ 14
2. Power of Attorney -page 15 ~ 20
3. Customs Inspection -page 21 ~ 26

Kolibri Socks will not be liable for packages held or confiscated by customs.