Shipping Information for South Korea

General information

All Kolibri Socks orders are shipped out from our French warehouse to your country.  

Shipping :

Home delivery in 6 to 12 business days with tracking from € 13.90 (depending on weight)

Due to the new zip code system being implemented in Korea, all shipments must have 5-digit zip code included in the shipping address. Please click here or visit Korea ePost’s official website. If your order is not delivered to you due to incorrect shipping information, it will be disposed 30 days after the arrival date in Korea.

The address system in South Korea has been changed due to the 'Road Name Address Act'. Please visit Road Name Address site for more information. For delivery of shipments, customers are required to update the shipping address to the Road Name Address in their account.

The estimated delivery window provided by Kolibri Socks reflects the most standard delivery. However, some orders may occasionally be subject to longer transit time caused by air freight delay, customs hold, or any other unforeseen complications outside of Kolibri Socks's control.

Customs information

Additional charges relating to customs clearance are the responsibility of the recipient; we have no control over these charges and cannot predict their amount. Customs regulations vary from country to country. Contact your local customs office in South Korea for more information.

For shipments arriving in South Korea, the threshold for exemption from import tax and customs duties is currently set at KRW 150 000. You will not have any customs duties or taxes to pay if your order does not exceed 150 000 wons.

For more information about customs, import duties, etc., visit :

Korea Customs Service
Ministry of Food and Drug Safety