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The benefits of modal, an ecological fiber from beech

Modal is an ecological and biodegradable fiber stem from beech. The cultivation of beech trees requires much less water than the cultivation of cotton. In addition, the modal production process is environmentally friendly thanks to the saving of water and energy and the recovery of resources used during the production of fibers. Modal fiber is twice as fine as than cotton, which gives it twice the absorbency and keeps it dry to the touch and not to lose its shape.

At Kolibri Socks we offer socks made from micromodal, an even finer fiber than modal fiber. This extremely fine and light fiber gives a feeling of softness like silk, produces a shiny effect and has great elasticity and resistance. It is a naturally breathable material for total and anti-microbial comfort. It neutralizes odors, it is a natural antiperspirant. Our micromodal socks fit perfectly to the foot and have seamless spikes for more comfort. They have the particularity of remaining flexible and soft even after several washes. Solid deposits linked to calcareous water cannot cling to it. In addition, they resist shrinking.

Main characteristics of the micromodal: soft, fresh, does not fluff, does not shrink, adjusts to the foot, comfortable, durable colors, water-absorbent, prevents unpleasant odors, light and resistant.

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