Comment prendre soin de vos chaussettes ?

How to take care of your socks ?

The life of your socks may vary depending on the care you give them. Here are our tips for making the right choices :

Choosing the right size
Make sure you buy the right size socks. Socks that are too large or too small can be torn or, in some cases, unravel.

Wash them in the right way
All socks should be washed BACKWARD! The best way to wash them is with cold water. The less detergent you use, the better your socks will be.
⚠️ Never use bleach, you risk damaging the nature of the fabric and its color.

Prohibit the dryer & amp; avoid ironing
The drying temperature damages fabrics and fibers, thus affecting the elasticity of the socks.

Fold them correctly
Folding socks can affect their lifespan. The elastic should not be stretched when stored. We do not recommend the ball method (one sock inside the other), although fast, this technique, if we can speak of technique, crumples the socks and damages their fibers. Rather choose one of these ingenious folding methods:
- flat (fold in half, fold the top of the socks down to try to make a nice set)
- in a small square (careful and practical folding to save space in your underwear drawers). Find out more 👉🏼 here

NB: for invisible socks and ankle socks, favour folding flat! 😉