illustration fleur de coton

Cotton vs Combed Cotton: differences and benefits

Cotton is a natural silky vegetable material which has exceptional characteristics. It is the most popular and most used natural fiber in the world for making clothes.

The quality of cotton lies partly in the length of its fibers, which ensures greater durability of the product. The longer the cotton fibers, the more durable the garment. Cotton has a great absorbency and neutralizes odors, it is a natural antiperspirant. It is a soft material and comfortable, naturally breathable and hypoallergenic.

At Kolibri Socks we do not use standard cotton, we make our socks and tights in combed cotton. It is a premium cotton which is more silky to the touch, more stable in the wash and more solid in use. This cotton has long fibers that tangle better. Our socks are therefore much shiny, more softer, more easy to wash, more resistant and adjust perfectly to the foot.

Main characteristics of combed cotton : soft, permeable, absorbent, fresh, resistant, hypoallergenic and easy to wash.

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