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An eco-friendly and ethical brand

Eco-friendly collections

We pay particular attention to the quality of the raw materials selected to combine beauty and comfort with respect for the environment.

Because we are concerned to provide you with materials that are more respectful for you and our planet, we offer you socks and tights made from healthy and ecological raw materials certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX. Yarns and dyes used are guaranteed to be non-toxic to health and the environment.

We offer socks made in bamboo and modal. By opting for these ecological fibers, from sustainable resources, biodegradable and environmentally friendly, you adopt an eco-responsible approach.

Ecodesign package

To ship our orders, we use 90% kraft packaging boxes made from recycled materials . The remaining 10% comes from wood from sustainable and ethical sources , which are transformed into wood pulp after disposal of the box. Thanks to the durability of corrugated cardboard, each box can be opened and closed thousands of times, extending its use and its ecological value.

Our boxes are printed with vegetable ink for reduced impact on the environment and are fully recyclable. No glue is used in the production process. To effectively close all our packages while respecting the environment, we use a natural kraft tape which is also recyclable.

Our labels are made from 100% recycled paper and renewable material such as cane fiber.

Zero plastic

Packaging is the main source of pollution, especially in marine environments. Petroleum-based plastic only increases this pollution problem and has a huge impact on the environment and the wildlife that lives there. We do not use any plastic butenvironmentally friendly tissue paper, made from fibers from responsible management certified forests and produced without acid and without chlorine.

For all these reasons our packaging are perfectly eco-designed.

A CO2 neutral delivery

Our partners in charge of transporting our orders offset the CO2 emissions linked to the delivery of our packages. The principle of compensation is simple: it is a question of helping a third party to capture or not to emit the quantity of greenhouse gases that one does not have oneself - even managed to avoid. For example by investing in a renewable energy, energy saving project or even in a reforestation project.

Dematerialized documents

In accordance with our desire to engage in an environmentally friendly approach, we do not print any documents. We send our customers and suppliers digital invoices to reduce our impact on the environment.

Ethical and eco-responsible manufacturing

Our socks are made in a family workshop inEcuador within the Kichwa Otavalo community which has a long tradition of textile crafts. Kolibri contributes to improving the quality of life of many local families. Know more

The socks manufacturing processes generate clean and sustainable activity in relation to the environment. This eco-responsible approach has enabled our workshop to obtain the Environmental License granted by the Ministry of the Environment of Ecuador.

We have a real environmental management policy since we recycle all the inputs from manufacturing, such as yarn waste, lint, covers and cardboard.

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